Top 5 Fashion Frames for 2018

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Care for new pair of Glasses? Why? Beginning of a new season, change in fashion trends, the old one fading, new dresses, new suit, party on the corner. Do you really need a reason to get a new pair of Glasses?

Probably not, but you definitely need to know the style trend to stay on top of the game. Glasses define you; compliments your attitude and character. So why not spend some time in analyzing the trend.

1. Tortoise Shell


Tortoise Shell has unique distinctive pattern just like a Tortoise. And the designers made it into a design. Not only the default brown makes an impression. It has variety of colors to offer. And it’s leading the market.


Tortoise shell has many trendy patterns that can match your thirst. It has patterns suiting each color tone.

2. The Black Frame


The ever stylish blacks never go out of trend. They certainly are a match to every piece of dress you have. From giving those nerdy looks to stylish Bond looks, these are the veteran. They are easy to maintain, due to the minimalistic color.



Great leaders of the world have donned it. It is the symbol of nerdism, probably for all good.

3. The Marble


Marble frames looks similar to a Tortoise, but is not. It is more bold with definitive shapes and patterns. The different funky shapes that goes with the marbles makes it more stylish.

eye frame 6

The marble is an out to go pattern for unisex. They do come in all flashy colors to make you look more interesting.

4. It’s Gold


Yes, the Gold frames are making its way back to the trend map. They give you the glossy classy glow. It’s natural, it’s metal, it’s shining, it’s legit and it’s Golden. What more do you need more than this precious piece.


5. The Bright bunch


The bright Red, pink, purple, yellow colors make the women go wow. And these colors are the most reliable choice by the fashion freaks. It’s a women’s centered color since it can add the gloss with perfection. 

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