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The Sunglass style statement

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The Sunglass style statement

Uber cool is no more an understatement, people like to try out different style trends. Experimenting with hair is a bit crazy to start off. Sunglasses do make an impactful style statement. And they do protect our eyes from UV. From celebrities to business people, they define elegance. We look forward to all celebrities and make their style statement sound better. Be it from Big B, Rajinikanth or any the latest Bond, glasses make all the difference. It does up the style quotient of women, who can flaunt it with style. Sometimes they do become your identity. And being in Chennai, with lots of places to explore and tell stories; why not make the perfect move of choosing the stylish glass that fits you.

We’ll try out the popular designs

Gear up with Aviator

            This does mean literally, yes you can fly. It gives you the sleekish cool handsome look. Aviators have been in trend since the advent of the trend. Probably pioneers in making statements. They show you more committed and disciplined. It is designed in such a way. It has never lost it’s hotness. People still love to show em off. Presumably this is not gonna die any time sooner.

Fly like a butterfly

            They do have the nostalgic look. But who cares when it can give you wings. Covers the face to a larger extent; protects your eyes a lot more. This suits the milady. They can be your go-to party wear, beachwear. For all your cool and hot times, they come in handy. And it compliments your accessories. A walk along the shore and speaking to the waves will surely send you chills.

Go Round and be the clubmaster

            It’s retro time! yeah, you heard me right. Certain things never fail to amuse us. And a tinge of retro can add a classy touch. Be it anywhere, any suit. You dress up, it’ll match you.

Be the Wayfarer

It’s time to get in sync with the actual trend. From 13 reasons why to Modern family, it makes you what you are. It’s probably a timeless piece of Marvel. It can project you, what you wanna be. A nerd, geek or even turn up your hot quotient. It goes well with casuals for both the genders. Its the easy to go type. Makes you float and stay relevant.




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