The Nerd glasses that never go out of trend

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Have you ever thought of the glass that still shows up in the trend charts. Yes, you are right! It’s the nerd glass. They seem not to fade away that soon. From Steve Jobs to the next door kid, they are adored by many. It goes with most of your wardrobe. And that’s the reason for it being special all these days. If you still feel it should belong to the nostalgic group. Look at these celebrities who donned them in style.

The Dreamer — Steve Jobs

            Another prominent name that rings bell with the term ‘Nerd’. Yes, Steve Jobs, founder and co creator of Apple Inc. The first thing that comes to mind about Jobs after apple; is his iconic glasses that fits his frame. Be it meetings, plays, bed, dinner; the glass never gets separated from him. The nerd glass makes him complete.




Creator — Bill Gates

            There’s Apple, so the next big name? Obviously it’s Mr Gates. He’s the perfect definition of nerd. He’s smart; he codes, he creates software. Well obviously he has changed the way of computing. And he does study a lot. Like, 50 books a year ! And his glass helps him ace through all his works.


Mr Intelligent Investor — Warren Buffett

            He’s 87, still works! And is the best investor to ever set foot on the planet. And one of the best friend of Gates. They both are avid readers. And Mr Buffett credits his success to all the books that he has read these years. He has spent 70-80% of his life for books. He is one of the richest man alive. And his nerd companion has helped him till now.


The New Architect — Sundar Pichai

            Think there is no introduction, needed for him. New kid on the nerd block. Making strides and waves, taking Google to a new level.  his way through the geek world.



The Builder — Satya Nadella

            Well, Mr Pichai made the list. And it’s apt to add his business rival from the same country. The glasses bridge both of them on this note. Twinning with Pichai on the nerd block.


The Ultimate Master — Albert Einstein

            How can I complete this list without the Master and the ultimate nerd. From relativity, gravitation, light, photons. His name vibrates all throughout. And he’s still relevant. Probably even the nerd glass would have got its name after he donned it.

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