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Five ways to prevent Glaucoma

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While there are no recognised ways to prevent glaucoma, blindness or significant vision loss from glaucoma can be prevented if diagnosed earlier. The ‘primary open-angle glaucoma’ is prevalent and the vision loss is slow, silent and progressive starting from peripheral vision loss to central vision loss.

We still feel, glaucoma can be prevented with utmost care to your eyes and health through proper practices including the following:

1. Regular eye check up:

It is recommended that you go for an annual eye check up. Any sort of corrective measure is easy if diagnosed at an early stage.

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2. Eye health history of the family:

Certain health issues may run in your family, it is recommended that you keep the family health history in mind during the diagnostics.

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3. Exercise safely:

Exercising regularly is a very healthy habit. Certain exercises are a strain to your eyes which you must be careful while doing it.

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4. Consume eye drops and medicines only as prescribed:

Self medication off Google might be cool. But has adversities if not diagnosed properly before administering. It is always recommended that you meet a specialist in person than virtual.

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5. Protect your eye on sensitive exposures:

While at work in front of computer, or in front of the sun rays or in a workshop, it is very important to make sure there isn’t much strain for your eyes!

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