Care for new pair of Glasses? Why? Beginning of a new season, change in fashion trends, the old one fading, new dresses, new suit, party on the corner. Do you really need a reason to get a new pair of Glasses?

Probably not, but you definitely need to know the style trend to stay on top of the game. Glasses define you; compliments your attitude and character. So why not spend some time in analyzing the trend.

1. Tortoise Shell


Tortoise Shell has unique distinctive pattern just like a Tortoise. And the designers made it into a design. Not only the default brown makes an impression. It has variety of colors to offer. And it’s leading the market.


Tortoise shell has many trendy patterns that can match your thirst. It has patterns suiting each color tone.

2. The Black Frame


The ever stylish blacks never go out of trend. They certainly are a match to every piece of dress you have. From giving those nerdy looks to stylish Bond looks, these are the veteran. They are easy to maintain, due to the minimalistic color.



Great leaders of the world have donned it. It is the symbol of nerdism, probably for all good.

3. The Marble


Marble frames looks similar to a Tortoise, but is not. It is more bold with definitive shapes and patterns. The different funky shapes that goes with the marbles makes it more stylish.

eye frame 6

The marble is an out to go pattern for unisex. They do come in all flashy colors to make you look more interesting.

4. It’s Gold


Yes, the Gold frames are making its way back to the trend map. They give you the glossy classy glow. It’s natural, it’s metal, it’s shining, it’s legit and it’s Golden. What more do you need more than this precious piece.


5. The Bright bunch


The bright Red, pink, purple, yellow colors make the women go wow. And these colors are the most reliable choice by the fashion freaks. It’s a women’s centered color since it can add the gloss with perfection. 

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Cheer up 90s Kids, even these top stars were nerds!

As a  millennial myself had a seen lot of changes all through. We have envied to wear glasses for once, but not many got the chance. Since glasses were the trend even then. Glasses typically meant Nerd! But that was the most loved.

Even these top stars were once nerds, the glasses had defined them

1. DiCaprio always had been a kid

  • DiCaprio 90s style with eyeframe
  • DiCaprio latest style with sunglass
  • DiCaprio now

2.When Robert Jr Downey had no spidy duties

  • Robert-Jr-Downey-then
  • Robert_Jr now with sunglass
  • Robert Jr gif
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Where do general audience turn when they need a new stylish makeover? Celebrities and their film characters of course! They are style icons to look forward to. They create style trends. And there are a lot of iconic characters in Tamil cinema that are synonymous with glass. Eyeglass have made the character unique and distinct.

These are the iconic eyeglasses that created waves in Tamil Cinema and won’t be forgotten that soon


            An iconic eyeglass list without Baashaa! No way! There have been gangster films earlier, but this was an epic saga. How can someone forget Baashha Bhai’s eyeglass? It refined swag with authority.

Baashha was monumental; there were numerous high voltage clash scenes. But the confrontation scene with a menacing villain like Mark Anthony was just litt. His glasses were phenomenal as well.



            This is definitely not another gangster saga. It was rise and fall of a man and his legacy. Inspired from, the Godfather; the nayakar character is once in a blue moon character to Tamil cinema.

Nayakar’s transition and ageing were flawlessly portrayed with those glasses. Glasses for a middle-aged man to old age; it was impeccable. Moreover, glasses changed the look of the character, showed the graceful ageing in a compelling way.



            An uber cool remake of a classic. It reconceptualized the style quotient and brought a Hollywood like action drama to Tamil Cinema. All the characters in the film had shades on, almost in all scenes. A chic glass can inarguably elevate the standard of the scene.



            Theri is a story of a cop and his avatars. It was swag and colorful throughout. Three types of glasses made it to the screen. And it was nothing short of glorious.



            The elite satirical comedy film of all time. Probably first dark comedy in Tamil Cinema. A liberal and literal take on Tamil Nadu politics. Nagaraja cholan the epic villain was hilarious with the wisecrack. And his glasses were a cherry atop the pile. Think of Nagaraja Cholan without glasses now! Weird right? That’s how integral the glass was to the character.


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Sunglasses are easy to get, but difficult to maintain. As said it can be tough, protects your eyes, looks cool. But it still has to be protected for a good life. Frames and lenses are delicate; they are sensitive. It needs one tough maintenance to pass the test of time. Sunglasses prove to be tough, but our negligence can still cause damage.

  1. Two hand Rule

            The utmost rule; use two hands to remove glass and to put them back. Removing in single hand may look cool; but it’s not. Removing in single hand will loosen up the frame and it’ll get disoriented.


  1. Use the case

The case! the case! the case! The sole purpose of a case is to handle the glass. Sunglasses are not meant to be kept or thrown just like that. And moreover you’ll not forget the place of your glass once it’s in the case.


Rinse the lens

            The lesne is the most delicate part of the glass. Rinse it with care. Make sure, not to use any random dry cloth to clean it. Clean it with water. You can definitely use lens cleaners for better results. Use microfiber optical cleaning cloth to be smooth.


  1. Never put on your head

            For God sakes, don’t put on your head. The hair and dust particles hurt the lens more. And if the hair is oily, then you can realize how bad the lens will go. Glass on head trend is no more, and personally it’s a bad choice.


  1. Don’t touch the nose piece

            The easy way to adjust a glass is by pressing near the nose. Don’t do that from now. It can change the dimension of the nose buds, and may often lead to pain. It makes a mark in your nose as well.

  1. Store in a proper place

            Other than keeping in glass case, place it in proper way. Not always you can keep in a case. Sometimes you have to keep in different places. Be careful while placing them. Don’t let the lens touch the ground.

  1. No Chemicals

            Chemicals are sure to make damage to the glass. It could be lens or the frame color. Keep your hands clean while handling the glass. Make sure you don’t touch the glass, with chemicals in hand.

  1. Service it once/twice a year

Glasses become best, when serviced. It has lots of minute places, made to be handled by the experts. Tighten and clean the glass using professionals.

lens cleaner vijaya optical house

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Have you ever thought of the glass that still shows up in the trend charts. Yes, you are right! It’s the nerd glass. They seem not to fade away that soon. From Steve Jobs to the next door kid, they are adored by many. It goes with most of your wardrobe. And that’s the reason for it being special all these days. If you still feel it should belong to the nostalgic group. Look at these celebrities who donned them in style.

The Dreamer — Steve Jobs

            Another prominent name that rings bell with the term ‘Nerd’. Yes, Steve Jobs, founder and co creator of Apple Inc. The first thing that comes to mind about Jobs after apple; is his iconic glasses that fits his frame. Be it meetings, plays, bed, dinner; the glass never gets separated from him. The nerd glass makes him complete.




Creator — Bill Gates

            There’s Apple, so the next big name? Obviously it’s Mr Gates. He’s the perfect definition of nerd. He’s smart; he codes, he creates software. Well obviously he has changed the way of computing. And he does study a lot. Like, 50 books a year ! And his glass helps him ace through all his works.


Mr Intelligent Investor — Warren Buffett

            He’s 87, still works! And is the best investor to ever set foot on the planet. And one of the best friend of Gates. They both are avid readers. And Mr Buffett credits his success to all the books that he has read these years. He has spent 70-80% of his life for books. He is one of the richest man alive. And his nerd companion has helped him till now.


The New Architect — Sundar Pichai

            Think there is no introduction, needed for him. New kid on the nerd block. Making strides and waves, taking Google to a new level.  his way through the geek world.



The Builder — Satya Nadella

            Well, Mr Pichai made the list. And it’s apt to add his business rival from the same country. The glasses bridge both of them on this note. Twinning with Pichai on the nerd block.


The Ultimate Master — Albert Einstein

            How can I complete this list without the Master and the ultimate nerd. From relativity, gravitation, light, photons. His name vibrates all throughout. And he’s still relevant. Probably even the nerd glass would have got its name after he donned it.

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cat sunglasses vijaya optical house

The Sunglass style statement

Uber cool is no more an understatement, people like to try out different style trends. Experimenting with hair is a bit crazy to start off. Sunglasses do make an impactful style statement. And they do protect our eyes from UV. From celebrities to business people, they define elegance. We look forward to all celebrities and make their style statement sound better. Be it from Big B, Rajinikanth or any the latest Bond, glasses make all the difference. It does up the style quotient of women, who can flaunt it with style. Sometimes they do become your identity. And being in Chennai, with lots of places to explore and tell stories; why not make the perfect move of choosing the stylish glass that fits you.

We’ll try out the popular designs

Gear up with Aviator

            This does mean literally, yes you can fly. It gives you the sleekish cool handsome look. Aviators have been in trend since the advent of the trend. Probably pioneers in making statements. They show you more committed and disciplined. It is designed in such a way. It has never lost it’s hotness. People still love to show em off. Presumably this is not gonna die any time sooner.

Fly like a butterfly

            They do have the nostalgic look. But who cares when it can give you wings. Covers the face to a larger extent; protects your eyes a lot more. This suits the milady. They can be your go-to party wear, beachwear. For all your cool and hot times, they come in handy. And it compliments your accessories. A walk along the shore and speaking to the waves will surely send you chills.

Go Round and be the clubmaster

            It’s retro time! yeah, you heard me right. Certain things never fail to amuse us. And a tinge of retro can add a classy touch. Be it anywhere, any suit. You dress up, it’ll match you.

Be the Wayfarer

It’s time to get in sync with the actual trend. From 13 reasons why to Modern family, it makes you what you are. It’s probably a timeless piece of Marvel. It can project you, what you wanna be. A nerd, geek or even turn up your hot quotient. It goes well with casuals for both the genders. Its the easy to go type. Makes you float and stay relevant.




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Eye Protection

Eye protection is protective gear for the eyes, which comes in many types depending upon the threat that is to be reduced. The threats can be particles, light, wind blast, heat, sea spray or some type of ball or puck used in sports.


goggles are forms of protective eyewear that usually enclose or protect the eye area in order to prevent particulates, infectious fluids, or chemicals from striking the eyes. For example, when swimming, goggles protect the eyes from salt or chlorine in the pool.

Protection against light

The human eye is sensitive to intense light because it damages the retina and can even blind the individual. There are many different types of eye protection against light suited for different applications.

The most common forms of eye protection against light are sunglasses. These primarily protect against UV light from the sun and help increase visibility in bright conditions. They often tend to be fashionable as well as practical. Laser protection eyewear is similar but will filter out a particular (or small range of) wavelength(s), customized to the laser being viewed. Laser protection eyewear is particularly important because of the extremely high intensity of laser light.

Shades 12, 13, and 14 welding glass must be used to stare directly at the sun or a solar eclipse. These higher index shades are suitable for arc welding and therefore are suitable for solar viewing. Sunglasses will not provide sufficient protection.

Welding glass protects against glare and flying sparks. It is a more extreme implementation of the same idea as sunglasses, suited to the more intense light generated during welding. Arc welding goggles must be much darker than blowtorch goggles.

Other protection

  • Eye protectors used in sports like orienteering and cycling to protect eyes from insects, dust and wind blast.
  • Infection control glasses
  • Eye shields used in External beam radiotherapy to shield sensitive parts of the eye from ionizing radiation

Helmets and visors

Some helmets and visors also protect the eyes:

  • Armor visors were used in conjunction with some Medieval war helmets to protect the eyes from impact.
  • Batting helmet with full face coverage is used by the catcher in baseball and softball games to protect the eyes and face from impact.
  • Eye shield is a piece of football equipment which attaches to a player’s helmet to protect the eyes from impact.
  • Fighter pilot helmet includes a visor for protection from the sun and from wind blast in case of an ejection from the aircraft.
  • Some firefighter’s helmets have visors which protect the eyes from infrared rays and the radiant heat of fire as well as from impact.
  • Hockey helmets have visors, shields, cages and masks to protect the eyes and face from impact.
  • Hurling helmets protect the eyes from the ball and from near contact with other players.
  • Lacrosse helmet used primarily in men’s lacrosse have a visor to protect the face and eyes from impact.
  • Life boatman’s helmet has a transparent visor to keep sea spray out of the eyes.
  • Motorcycle helmets and Bicycle helmets have face shields that protects the eyes against wind blast, dust, insects and impact in the event of a crash.
  • Racing helmets also have face shields (narrower than motorcycle helmets) to protect against fire and impact.
  • Riot protection helmets have visors to protect the eyes and face from projectiles and impact.
  • Safety helmets, also called hard hats, used by chainsaw operators and construction workers often have visors to protect the eyes from impact.
  • Space suit helmets have gold-impregnated face shields to protect astronauts from the direct rays of the sun.
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